Thursday, March 20, 2014

Imelda: Love is Beauty

      The documentary on Imelda showed me the different side of the ex-first lady, Imelda Marcos. Originally, I thought Imelda Marcos was just an ordinary first lady of Ferdinand Marcos, an ordinary mother to her family, and ordinary Filipino woman. However, the case was very different. Imelda Marcos showed her different personalities in the documentary, her political, economic, and socio-cultural side.

      Imelda, as a the first lady, helped her husband "lead" Philippines. Opposite from what the people thought of her, she was not just beauty, but also contained brain. She was able to construct different health institutions here in our country such as the Heart Center and Kidney Center. She was also the ambassador of the Philippines for different nations. Finally, she was also the governor of Manila during that time. Who would have thought that a girl like her would be able to do all of those things.

      From the documentary, I also learned that Imelda was also some kind of economist, but a weird one. She believes that poverty is just a state. Once you make the people happy, poverty will be eliminated. She said that this is the reason why she always dresses up elegantly, to give the Filipinos a role model. She also said, "When I am happy, the Filipinos are happy." I guess that is also the reasons why the Marcos started stealing from the people, "when I am rich, the Filipinos are rich". WTF.

      Finally, Imelda was a very complicated type of person. She was a great fan of European Art and philosophy. She collects very expensive paintings from different parts of the world. She also writes books discussing the relation of art and life. At the same time, we can also say that Imelda is one of our modern contemporary philosophers. In the documentary, it was shown that she was writing different weird, non-sense philosophies in her pad paper. This truly proved that she did not only have beauty, but also brain, a weird brain though.

      "I always say you can never be extravagant with beauty. Beauty is God made real. Beauty is life." - Imelda Marcos

Marco Ragaza

Ghost Heart: The Cure to Broken Hearts; STS THX E-One Group Project

Ghost Heart: The Cure to Broken Hearts

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), cardiovascular diseases are the top killers globally. By 2030, it is predicted that the number of people who die because of heart diseases will reach up to 23.3 million (WHO 2013). From these statistics, it can be seen that the heart is very crucial because once it collapse, it will lead to death. The heart is source of life. Without it, life will cease to exist.

Because of this, the search for the technology to replace a broken heart is still on. For the past few years, through different breakthroughs in medicine, doctors and scientists discovered that the heart of a deceased person can still be used. Because of this, they learned to transplant the heart from a dead body, to the sick person. Nonetheless, there are still problems involved in this kind of surgery. Since the heart is still another person’s organ, rejection (the body rejecting the transplanted organ) will occur; Because of this, the patient will be forced to use immunosuppressants which will reduce the strength of his/her immune system, which will eventually lead to a lot more complications.

However, recently in 2007, scientists was able to discover a technology that involves the use of animal heart and stem cells (Derbyshire 2011). The goal is to use the animal’s heart, and convert it into a new usable human heart. This concept is called the Ghost Heart.

The process starts by extracting the animal heart. 

Then, special detergents are pumped into the heart to clean and remove all the heart cells. After this, the heart will then become whitish in color. What is left is the heart’s “skeleton” or scaffold. 

Finally, stem cells from the human patient will be injected into the “ghost heart”, which will then adapt and transform into new human heart cells. Because of this, the old animal heart will become a new heart that humans can use.

When put into the body of the human, the ghost heart will not experience rejections because it already contains cells that originated from that same body. (Derbyshire 2011)

With the ghost heart, life will be free of heartaches. Life will be free of rejections, and life will be free of complications. With just the use of a simple animal heart, someone with a broken heart will be able to experience again the exciting complexities of life.


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Reaction Paper: Nightfall

Isaac Asimov's Nightfall tells the story of Lagash, a planet that never had a sunset, the people had never seen the stars, the beauty and coldness of night. It also tells the story of people never inventing light bulbs or lamps or anything that would produce light.

This story revolves around the branch of science, astronomy and psychology. Atronomy because the writer focused more on what the night would be like with all the stars and the heavenly bodies seen. Psychology because the author wants to see the reaction of the people in Lagash when they would experience night time.

The only thing that came into my mind were questions 'What if this happened to us?' 'What if we didn't know anything about night and would only see eclipses?' 'What would our reactions be?'

Flores, Frances Marie G.

Reaction Paper: Imelda Marcos

When we hear the name Imelda, the first thing in our mind is the first lady and wife of late President Marcos. We also think of her as the lady who owns many shoes, someone who doesn't wear the same shoes on two different days, and someone who is rich.

Imelda has done so many things when his husband was in the seat of presidency. She promoted family planing, helped people in need and other things. But people always see the negative side during the Marcos regime. They would always say that the Marcos family is corrupt, that they are the ones who ordered the assassination of Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino Jr., that they make the people suffer because of the martial law.

The view on Mrs. Imelda Marcos differ from person to person. Some view her as inspiration or a good person, others view her as someone who is corrupt and spoiled. It all depends on a person's way of thinking and viewing things.

Flores, Frances Marie G.

Reaction Paper: Music and Science

As we all know, science plays a big part in our lives, even in music. Yes, music and science is a bit off but it can be possible. An example of this would be one of my favorite shows, The Big Bang Theory. It is a science show that has a very catchy intro music. The lyrics tell the history of the big bang theory. For people who watch this show, including me, it educates us about science. We may not notice it, but we learn things or stuffs about science like scientists or inventions. Music helps in promoting science because people like music. Since most people do not like science, music can be a way to educate people with science.

Flores, Frances Marie G.

Reaction Paper: Rhetoric of Cancer

Cancer, as we all know, gives people a high risk of death, but there are some who survive it. In the podcast Rhetoric of Cancer, Andrew Graystone says that "The language of war dominates cancer discourse, so whether we want to fight or not, people with cancer are conscripted into a battle against the self. Our bodies made into war zones, with cancer as the enemy, medical professionals as infallible heroes, and treatments of search-and-destroy by any means possible.” In this line, he associates cancer with war.

In the podcast, Andrew is looking for the language appropriate to cancer. He is doing this because he believes that language is somewhat helpful in curing a person's illness. We all should not look at the downside when we have illness because it will only make our minds set on giving up, and it would consume us on really giving up and loosing the fight with the illness and could lead us to death.

Flores, Frances Marie G.

Reaction Paper: Mind Museum, Mind Movers

Science plays a big role in our society, everything around us connects to science. Technology uses science, the plants, the food, everything uses science. We may or may not know it, but science is used directly or indirectly to everything we see, hear, smell, taste or feel.

When the Mind Movers, people working at the Mind Museum, visited our school and class, they presented something cool. Most of us, if not all, were amazed with what they presented. It was about the five states of matter. The activity was fun and interactive. Good thing, at least everyone participated.

We have learned or remembered something from our previous science classes like during elementary or high school days. I've realized, yes science is in everything around us.

Flores, Frances Marie G.